Monday, February 24, 2014

The Classic Old Ham Sketch

I've seen this picture on at least a dozen QSL cards and wondered where it came from. What stood out to me at second glance was the code ".- -... -.-. -.. ..-. --. " Which is rendered as ABCDFG. He skips the letter E. For some reason that made it more memorable. In this caption we have the artists callsign and signature W2HEU Howard. tells me that was E. Paul Howard in Briarwood, NY back in 1952 and 1954.

Usually that signature is missing. The reason I've finally put it together is that by chance I've found what may be it's origin: the February 1947 issue of CQ Magazine. The article was by Eric R. Adams VWE3ALG from Toronto, ON. The article is just a character piece on cranky tinkering radio hobbyist neighbors. I's accompanied by 3 drawings of the old ham. the largest and most easily scanned is the one above.

It must have struck a cord with people because I continue to see it five decades later.