Thursday, February 06, 2014

Gakken Mini Denchi Block Experiment Kit

I don't have ads on this blog. But I don't mind mentioning products (usually music, books or toys) that I own and enjoy. So it is in that vein that I admit that I bought a set of Gakken Denchi Blocks.[LINK]  The full size kits are harder to find and more expensive so this is probably all I'm going to shell out for. The Mini Denchi Block Experiment Kit on Makershed bears the following description:
"If you're interested in learning about transistors and calculating current flow, this Gakken Mini Denchi Block Experiment Kit is the perfect thing for you. This 25 block Denshi Kit requires you to mount components related to basic electronics; from basic assembly of speaker and switch components, to the decals. In addition, each cube contains one part - a wire, resistor, transistor, diode, LED, capacitor, etc. for building the suggested circuits. MKGK37 Gakken Mini Denchi Block"

(Gakken also made the Robotek toys back in the 1980s if you remember those.) These Denchi blocks are something like a cross between Legos and a breadboard. Not the kind of breadboard you make a Dagwood on, no. This is the kind of breadboard we use to prototype circuits. The blocks are working circuit board components that you can move around. You can even make a radio.