Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Transcription Mystery Disc # 199

 This metal-core Silvertone acetate is 6.5 inches in diameter. Quite obviously one side is all but totally unplayable. In some unique circumstance a curved edge, probably another disc has pushed back the lacquer. This would only be possible if it was heat-softened. This portion of the disc is destroyed. Rust and delamination destroy the outermost portion and in tandem there is not a single playable rotation of this side.  Thankfully records have two sides.

Paper Doll

The other side while imperfect is at least playable.  The first half was strangely overdubbed. A second and perhaps third recording was made over top of the existing one leaving unintelligible bits and pieces of each. they included two different solo acapella vocals and a small child talking. But the second half is totally coherent solo vocal. I'll admit that I edited out several dozen pops to clear up the audio. It's clear enough now you can tell there's a second man in the room interjecting noise and whistles.

The song "Paper Doll" has was a single for both Frank Sinatra and the Mills Brothers but it was written way back in 1915 by Johnny S. Black. I'd guess this version was inspired by Sinatra which would date it to after 1943.