Friday, January 17, 2014

The Saturday Light Brigade

The Saturday Light Brigade is one of the longest running public radio programs on air today. It debuted in 1978 36 years ago and continues today with it's original host, Larry Berger. The program features acoustic music, story telling, games and live call-in from children and adults. It broadcasts live from 6:00 AM to 12:00 noon on Saturday mornings. It's excruciatingly wholesome.  His wife Rikki still handles the phones for call-in. The mighty Fybush visited their studio just last year. [here]

Berger launched the program on WYEP in Pittsburgh in March 1978.  In November of 2003, the program moved its Pittsburgh affiliation from WYEP to WRCT. In 2001, SLB and Children's Museum of Pittsburgh made a deal to house and broadcast the program and it's offices in the museum. The program began broadcasting from that location in 2004. In a way, the show has become a museum exhibit. Their own website uses the following language "...say hello on the radio. There’s no admission to be part of the broadcast."

But Larry was only 16-years old when he launched the program. Strangely in his own bio on the SLB website he notes his start in radio as in 1975.. when he'd have only been 14 years old. That's barely older than the kids that now visit his program. At present the Saturday Light Brigade is heard on the below radio stations. Former affiliates include WYEP and 1550 WURP-AM.
  • 88.3 WRCT Pittsburgh, PA
  • 91.1 WSAJ Grove City, PA
  • 91.7 WNJR Washington, PA
  • 90.1 WIUP Indiana, PA
  • 91.7 WCUC Clarion, PA
  • 90.7 WMCO New Concord, OH