Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Transcription Mystery Disc #194

This is a 6.5 inch metal-core Federal Perma disk. It spins at 78 rpm and is in fine condition. But as per the average, it is wholly unlabeled. The audio is good, no damage, just a few minor pops I was able to easily edit out. The disc is unmarred, unbent and even in the original sleeve. The recording is of piano with a small choir accompaniment. I was even able to identify the song for once.

I Love You Truly

The song is "I love you truly" written by Carrie Jacobs-Bond, it first hit #1 in 1912 as performed by Elsie Baker.  But it's been covered ahundred times by all the usual names: Bing Crosby, Pat Boone, Erskine Hawkins, The Ink Spots, Liberace, Guy Lombardo, Lawrence Welk and even  Jean Stapleton as Edith Bunker in the TV show All In The Family in the 1970s. This recording surely dates to the early 1940s. What version inspired them here I can't say, but I do recognize the lyrics...

I love you truly, truly dear,
Life with its sorrow, life with its tear
Fades into dreams when I feel you are near
For I love you truly, truly dear.

Ah! Love, 'tis something to feel your kind hand
Ah! Yes, 'tis something by your side to stand;
Gone is the sorrow, gone doubt and fear,
For you love me truly, truly dear.