Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Florrie Bishop Bowering's Mixing Bowl

Florrie Bishop Bowering was a radio personality and self-described dietitian at the University of Connecticut. She was also a radio personality on WTIC-AM way back in 1932.  In May of that year she actually published her first cook book. She was born in 1894 which would have made her about 38 at the time of the program. The show continued until at least 1934. It appears in a Travelers Insurance trade rag radio schedule corroborating the dates. Travelers insurance owned the station in that era.
"Under the supervision of Florrie Bishop Bowering, known among housekeepers throughout New England as the author of numerous cook books and domestic science lecturer, station WTIC conducts a modern radio cooking school, "The Mixing Bowl." ...Miss Bowering broadcasts an informative talk on domestic science. Adjacent to the studios is a modern experimental kitchen, in which every recipe and suggestion offered by the mistress of "The Mixing Bowl" is put through a test."
Her program aired three times a week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 3:30 PM and Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM. The program is described by some sources as a "radio cooking school."  She lived on 160 Metcalf Road in Tolland, CT near the University though no broadcasts are known to have come from that location.

Her program aired immediately after Bradley Kinkaid, a syndicated NBC program and  was followed by the "Swift Program" which was syndicated from WEEI-AM.  However, listings from 1931 listed Swift as an NBC program. She died  in 1968. More here.