Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Transcription Mystery Disc #189

This one is hardly a mystery. This disc was made by a home recorder not flipping channels but flipping records. He or she can clearly be heard at about the 2:15 mark flipping their 78 rpm record quickly, but not quickly enough to avoid having a short gap between songs. That kind of gap would never have occurred on a radio station. It's labeled in pencil with just three words "All Over Now."

All Over Now

The first song is "All Over Now" I recognize the lyrics from the Nat King Cole version but this is done by some great girl group but I'm afraid I don't recognize them. These lyrics are trite and have been recycled a lot over the last half-century so it's nearly un-googleable. The second track is a bit noisier but I can't figure out  who that is either. If I could figure out the song I'd have a date but lacking that.. this one remains unknown.