Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Transcription Mystery Disc #185

This 8-inch, metal core Recordisc is recorded on both sides and labeled, sort of.  It bears the single name "KEN" in all capital letters in pencil on one side.  That first side begins with a man introducing some kids singing in a chorus. He speaks very woodenly "Hello Kenny, Edgar and the boys will sing a new chorus for you." the kids sing in harmony though a bit flat. Afterwards a woman reads a story about Mr.s Chipmunk.

Jimmy Sliderlegs

The B-side is a woman reading a very old nursery rhyme, Jimmy Sliderlegs, then plays a bit of piano. The recitation is a warning against the dangers of sliding down the bannister. The melody is the Farmer in the Dell but many different sets of lyrics have been put to it. I've clipped out the woman reading the nursery rhyme. it's quite obscure, dating to at least the mid 1800s,  making it a strange selection for a recording that must date to the early 1950s.