Friday, September 13, 2013

Brittingham's Radio Center Restaurant

Brittingham's Radio Center Restaurant was located at 6113 Sunset Boulevard. It was in CBS Columbia Square which at the time housed KNX-AM, and later both KCBS-FM and KNXT-TV. CBS continued to use studios and offices at the location from 1938 until 2007. This particular post card is dated to August 28th 1947. Tours cost 40 cents.

A huge number of CDS programs were recorded and broadcast here:  the Lucky Strike Program, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. It was designed by architect William Lescaze. Al Jolson mocked the modern looking building and said that "It looks like Flash Gordon's bathroom." 

But the restaurant was moderately popular. Bobby Sherwood's Stringette played there nightly. The building still exists, but today the space is empty, no tourists, no hot griddle, no radio. The National Trust for Historic Preservation and Los Angeles Conservancy are trying preserve the landmark building.