Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Transcription Mystery Disc #180

This is a 10-inch metal-core Audiodisc with an outer edge start. It is labeled on one side in pen, and the other in pencil in different handwriting indicating the recordings did not take place at the same time. One side reads "John J. Zellen, Mt. Joy, Penna."  The other side bears only a date September 6, 1948.

John & Marion

The recording is of a couple, John and Marion, who are planning to visit what sounds like some of his family. Their names are given at various points on the recording as Hazel, Johnny, Gary, Terry and Grandma.They have a road trip up Route 66, with planned stops in Madison and Chicago on the way to Pennsylvania.  he even gives their starting address as 241 West 71st street in Los Angeles. The neighborhood is residential now as it surely was then. Today it's situated in the neighborhoods of South Los Angeles.