Thursday, August 29, 2013

1966 Pennsylvania Manual

I found another even earlier edition of the Pennsylvania Manual. This one is from 1966 and it also has a section dedicated to radio. This one is shorter but with reason. There were thousands fewer radio stations on air in 1966 than there are now.Compare this to the 1981 edition I found a month ago here. The State of Pennsylvania still makes this compendium annually and you can download the recent edition here.

According to these 5 pages there were only TV and Radio (including all AM and FM station) in all of Pennsylvania in 1966. That's a total of just 219 broadcasters. It seems impossibly small by today's standards. Today there are 549 AM and FM stations in Pennsylvania and another 52 broadcast TV stations. Whites Radio log for the same year counts 94 AM & FM radio stations making this strangely plausible.You can download all 3Mb below...