Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Transcription Mystery Disc #168

This is a 78rpm Federal Perma Disk it's dated and labeled in pencil leaving less mystery than usual. The scrawl isn't even in the dreaded cursive, it reads "9-21-40 Moon River DeVore Sisters" Moon River was a radio program that ran night program that ran on WLW-AM in Cincinnati, OH. it was really mellow, sort of like elevator music. It was cancelled in 1953, revived immediately then killed again in 1972. The show actually began airing in 1930 so this 1940 program is well into it's run. I ripped one other disc from this set already here.

DeVore Sisters
The DeVore sisters were a bit of a house band on WLW in those days. They were a trio of actual sistes including Billie, Ruth and Marge. Then when Ruth left, Barbara Cameron filled in. Barbara actually outloved the troupe going into television at WKRC-TV later on. More here and here.

A note on the longevity of the Moon River program though. Both the Jay Hickerson History of Network Programming and the John Dunning Encyclopedia of Old time Radio list the program as ending in 1940 or ambiguous 1940s. The only source for it running longer is a Cincinnati Magazine article from 1985 and a Time Magazine article abstract from 1954. Wikipedia makes up it's own bunkum version of history referencing all three of those sources but adhering to none. My recordings corroborate add nothing to that conversation since they all date to either 1940 or 1941.