Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Transcription Mystery Disc #165

This disc is clearly a genuine transcription. the radio stations call letters are emblazoned on the label in dark blue letters on a bold orange background.  The 33 rpm speed is scratched out and 78 written below it in pen. The typewritten text says "The Easter Story, Side 1 of a set of 10."  The recording if of an Easter Church Service segmented for transcription recording. I have all 5 discs but there is no way I am ripping them all. This is all you get.

The Easter Story

It is clear that this was recorded at or by 1370 WPAZ in Pottstown. Moreover that it was recorded on or near Easter Sunday but there is no sign of the year. The envelope the discs came in has the post mark torn off. The station signed on in 1951 and signed off in 2009 so it can only be between those dates. Because of the format my assumption is that it dates to the mid 1950s. I have no other bases on which to guess.