Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Transcription Mystery Disc #160

It's an inauspicious disc to hit #160 with, though so was 150. Before previewing a disc one has no way to know what is really on any acetate. Such was the case in this case. The disc is labeled, but the label is wrong.The disc spins at 78 rpm and is 8-inches in diameter. The make is Recordisc, and is actually dated to 1/11/47. The rest of the markings (cursive)  read "Andy Russel Sentimental Reasons" and the top line looks like "Top Time Hits Record."  The song was a top 5 hit in January of 1947. So I assumed it was a dub. It's not, or more accurately it's not anymore... Someone recorded over it. There's a snippet of Mr. Russell at the end and a tell tale dubbing twang noise.

Barrelhouse Piano

The new recording is of barrel house piano. I don't recognize the song, but it's slightly distorted probably from mic placement. The effect makes it sound vaguely like a synth. The pianist is capable with good timing and nice two-hand work playing skilled one handed runs alongside the rhythm. There's no way to date the recording, I can only say that it occurred after January 11th 1947.