Tuesday, March 05, 2013


There is no greater city for music, and no more legendary city for radio. I'm in town for work. The TV in the hotel only has 5 channels and while it's nice to get the news on NY1, it doesn't hold my attention long. Thankfully the radio works, and it's speakers are surprisingly good. It's an iHome HiP42, a device I'd have have guessed performed this well.

Is it just me or does 88.3 WBGO sound increasingly like canned elevator jazz?  They had some Latin jazz on last night that was more interesting. . I can hear really terrible dance music on 88.7. I truly hope it's a pirate and not WRHU. Seton Hall's  89.5 WSOU has a sports event tonight but has been all-metal otherwise since I arrived as it has been for decades. On 89.9 WKCR is "Honky Tonkin" playing the likes of Jay Miller, and Jimmy Wakely.  Never heard it before, totally a great show. The show "The Alternate Side" is on 90.7 WFUV spinning Yo La Tengo, Built to Spill, and London Suede. Lastly, 91.1 WFMU is in the middle of a fundraiser. May they always prosper.

While looking for dinner, I found a book store open at 8:00 PM; Revolutionary Books where I got a nice used copy of Pincher Martin. The Whitney Museum is showing an "Blues for Smoke" an exhibition that explores contemporary art using blues aesthetics. I'll be hitting that this weekend. But for now there are sirens blaring out my window again, and the elevator on the other side of the wall sounds like a broken fan blade mercilessly attacking an electric can opener.I set the radio to 90.3 FM ostensibly the frequency of WHCR but not audible here at all. It's a source of white noise to drown out the city so I can get a few zs