Monday, March 04, 2013

Living Green in the Lehigh Valley

The category of green living  radio programs is among the most rare. There are fewer than a dozen in the whole US. Mother Earth News Launched "Mother Earth News" back in 2009. It airs on 1190 KFXR-AM in Dallas. The "Farm to Family Connection" show runs on 93.1 KKYA up in Yankton, SD. There is also 98.9 KSOF just outside Fresno, CA as the sole affiliate airing "Green is Good" a syndicated program from Clear Channel. We also have a local niche program at 88.1 WDIY "Living Green in the Lehigh Valley" which has been running since 2011. WDIY also broadcasts on two repeaters, W229AO 93.7 Fogelsville and W230AG 93.9 FM Easton. More here.

The 4-minute segment is produced and hosted by Annie Prince and Bruce Wilson. It may be short, but MSA #70 is no podunk burg, and it follows top tier NPR programming. It airs on Tuesdays at 6:00 PM during NPR’s On the Media and Wednesdays at 5:45 PM during NPR’s All Things Considered. The show publicizes green-friendly events in the valley, and has how-to segments focused on local resources. I recently asked Bruce about the genesis of the program.
"We had started the Lehigh Valley Green Builders, and after we left that board we suggested a show to WDIY about green building.The station manager suggested that we broaden the focus to all things green happening in the Lehigh Valley. A time slot was just about to open up so we jumped on it."

His co-host and wife Annie actually has a background in broadcasting; having started out at 91.7 WMUH at Muhlenberg College. She was also a member of the Lehigh Valley Community Broadcasters Association which founded WDIY back in 1995. If you live outside the metro, you can hear their program here. Personally I'd like  to see a call-in program developed around green building. If Car Talk and You Bet Your Garden can remain popular for decades this could work.