Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Transcription Mystery Disc #157

This disc is appears maimed but is not scratched or warped. It has however been played a bit and is worn leading to notable bed noise. Playback was probably achieved by cutting a ragged 1.5" center hole, probably  for playback on a cheap portable player that didn't use a 45 adapter. The hole is off center and a little small bowing the record slightly when forced onto the adapter. It looks like it was gnawed by a goat.

Autovoice toddler

The disc is one-sided and spins predictably at 45 rpm. The speed puts it's age at least in the early 1950s. Though possibly later. The recording is of a 2-year old of uncertain gender. It can speak and knows it's name and age.The kids voice is almost unintelligible so I can't make out that name. The recording ends with the kid yelling for grandma.

Autovoice was owned by the Auto-Photo Company in Los Angeles. They made photo booths and recording booths similar to the Voice-o-Graph company. Their advertising for the recording booths appears to have been heaviest in the early 1960s so I will assume a date in that era.