Friday, February 08, 2013


In February of 2000 back when 93.7 in Shreveport, was still KITT-FM these was an incident.  KITT, then owned by Citicasters, held a little contest with a prize of one million. One million what? Well you'd assume dollars as that is the legal tender of this country. KITT was careful not to say dollars because that would ruin their prank on Shreveport. Incidentally, the legal term for that is fraud. More here.

The first caller with the correct answers to their questions was promised to become a “millionaire.” There were a large number of callers and radio personalities "Coyote" and Kathryn let John  Richard McRae know that he was a millionaire. But McRae didn't receive one million dollars, KITT paid them one million Turkish Lira. That is the equivalent of less than $2 dollars USD. McRae was a tad miffed. Actually he filled a complaint with the FCC.

Citicasters tried to claim the whole stunt was a parody of the ABC television show ``Who  Wants  to Be  a Millionaire?'' Their only evidence for this claim for the FCC was that the prizes for the runner up were crappy: a   CD,  hamburgers, and movie passes for two. The FCC was not impressed. Thunder Country, was fined $4,000 for violating  Section 73.1216 of  the Commission's  rules by  not disclosing  a  material term of a contest. The FCC went on to note that Citicasters had been fined for this previously and that they were not amused.93.7 in Shreveport is now KXKS, still a country station but now owned by Townsquare media.