Friday, February 22, 2013

Rube and Hank

This is the headshot from first page of "Rube and Hank, Ghost in the Privy." On the cover a tiny logo at the bottom reads "Allied Printing, Union Label Trade Council, Miami FL. I had to get out a magnifying glass. The radio program "Rube and Hank" was heard over WBIR a Mutual network affiliate in Knoxville, TN. Their voices and those of most of the other characters were handled by Ivo Woodard Dunning.

His company Dunning Radio Productions, published a booklet of stories from the program in 1946. It was printed in Coral gables Florida, not too far from the address of Dunning Radio Productions at 1112 North Miami Ave, Miami, FL. that address is currently vacant, but previously occupied by a restaurant and a caterer. the building was built in 1943 and would have been fairly new when Dunning occupied it. A 1941 issue of the Typographical Journal indicated that Dunning lived in Florida. This may be before or after his program was known to air on WBIR.

The booklet notes that the program was syndicated by transcription, though I can find no other reference to such recording in contemporary catalogs. The characters are probably named for the brothers Rube and Hank Bergman who played on a number of rust-belt hockey teams in the1930s. I have scanned all 50 pages for your arcane interest.

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