Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Transcription Mystery Disc #154

This is a 6.5" Silvertone acetate. It has an outer edge start and is actually labeled. The text in pencil reads 'THEL - ANNA TO EACH HIS OCT 2-4-46."   There's a small oil stain on the label but nothing that obscures the text. Thelma is credited on the reverse side and I assume THEL is her as well. they sing a decent harmony, and at the end is a small clip of what I assume it was recorded over.. something about Roosevelt. The first few seconds are rough but the audio is decent.

To Each His Own

The conflicting date is inexplicable, but the music is easily identified and corroborates the 1946 year. The song is "To Each His Own" which in 1946 had three different versions hit number one on the Billboard charts. Eddy Howard, The Ink Spots, the Modernaires, and Freddy Martin all released versions that year. Sam Cooke did a cover in the 1960s and that one comes down to us as a classic. Thelma and Anna aren't quite as smooth as Sam Cooke, but the perforated surface of the acetate certainly doesn't help.


Frank Wilhoit said...

I believe the singer is Thelma Stevens Craig, 1908-1975. She was my grandmother. I used to have a couple more discs from the same session, but they were on the big 15-inch format. I came adrift from them many years ago. She was trying to audition for a gig on WLW, where her husband John W. Craig (1907-1980) was an engineer, having assisted the Crosleys in various experiments during the 20s and 30s including, the Icyball.

jose fritz said...

I have several more silvertone discs credited to Thelma in the stack.