Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Last of the Broadcasting Schools

There actually is big money in radio, just generally not in being a DJ. I've written several posts about radio schools over the years and it occurred to me that there were still a scant few left operating who deserved a bit of credit. Below is a list of every broadcasting school still operating in America that I am aware of.

Broadcasting school may be an old idea, maybe even one that has really passed by but there are still a few educational institutions living the dream. This list excludes known scams and also universities that offer broadcasting or radio courses within a department or as a focus within their curriculum. But I do include ham schools because they are so few. This list should not be taken an an endorsement, tacit or otherwise of any of these schools individually, or of broadcasting schools as a whole. My personal recommendation is to go to a college or university with it's own radio station, get your feet wet, and go suffer through some grueling internships.

Academy of Radio & Television Broadcasting -

Alpha Pacific Institute -

American Broadcasting School -

Atlanta Broadcasting Institute -

Broadcast Center of St. Louis -

Broadcasting Institute of Maryland -

Broadcasters Mentoring Group -

Carolina School of Broadcasting -

Centro Radio & TV Center -

Columbia School of Broadcasting -

Connecticut School of Broadcasting -

Eastern Connecticut Radio Academy -

Gordon West radio School (ham)-

Ham Radio School .com -

International College of Broadcasting -

Radio Connection -

Radio 1 Broadcast School -

Specs Howard School of Media Arts -