Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Transcription Mystery Disc #144

This is a Packard Bell Phonocord. It is relatively thick and has a metal core. The year is listed on this disc as 1956, and the audio is truly excellent. You'd never know it was over half a century old.Both sides bear names, but no places. The recording has a reference to visiting California, but it's unclear if that's a current visit, future visit, or which party resides there if either.

Browns and Grahams - Side A

It appears to be a group of people vacationing and/or visiting. They list off each others names in mixed greetings: Buzz, Helen, Beverly, and Ben of the Brown family, and  Paul Joan, Debbie and Hal of the Graham family. Debbie sings a short, unidentified  song at the end if the A side.

I didn't include the audio for the B side, It's a recording of Paul singing "Band of Gold" quite competently with organ accompaniment.  He goes flat a couple times, but the tracking speed might be a tad off too. Anyway the song was a hit for Mel Carter in 1955 and Kit Carson in 1956 leaving it possible that Paul was covering either version.