Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Transcription Mystery Disc #142

This is a Wilcox-Gay Recordio. The writing on the label is almost completely illegible. It appears to be Bev and Mary .. something. The recording is of two young girls singing harmony, probably Bev and Mary.Phonozoic identifies this specific Wilcox-Gay transcription blank as a "Wilcox-Gay Recordio Type 3A variant 1" Which likely dates it to around 1947.

Bev + Mary

The first song is "Silent Night" it degenerates into giggles as those recordings tend to do. The second is a recording of an older woman with a deep vibrato start to sing something much more interesting with a guitar accompaniment, which is then promptly cut off by the end of the disc. On the other side are a couple false starts and two complete takes of "You Are My  Sunshine."  That song was first recorded in 1939. Jimmie David recorded an iconic version in 1940.