Thursday, October 04, 2012


I knew Hugh Foley from his tenure at 91.3 KRSC in Claremore, Oklahoma. On day while reading  through a CD insert I found his name. I decided to ask and sure enough, his radio resume was longer than I knew and dovetailed with my favorite band of all time. He had recorded the track "Corporate Protopop" for the Cop Shoot Cop LP "White Noise" back in 1991. Below I quote his email at length rather than mangle any of his details.

"...As a result of my work at WNYU, I met and worked with a lot of bands from that era (85 to 90). I remember Tod, Natz, Jim, and Phil very well from that time. From the very first single (which I think was spattered in pig's blood, and I also seem to think I have a copy of), we played their stuff at WNYU. As a result of that, they came up for interviews, and seems like we even booked them at the old Tramps (15th street?) on WNYU night when we had regular Thursday night gigs there. I'm pretty sure they also did a live show in our WNYU studio. Also, since they were East Village types of that time, we saw each other pretty regularly around that side of town. Also, I believe my friend Jim (Foetus) Thirlwell and Tod were friends so it seems we all saw each other a lot at shows, parties, and what not.

As for the guys in CSC, it seems like on at least one occasion I jammed with them (on voice) in their rehearsal space somewhere in the East Village. When I left NYC to try out the Bay Area, I got involved at KALX at UC-Berkeley where you did not have to be a student to work. On one of my trips back to NYC I ran into Tod, and gave him my number, both to stay in touch and also because he had something he wanted me to voice for the album, a sarcastic commercial about consumer culture. Not too long after that, he sent me the text for the fake spot, and I cut it in the KALX studios, then sent him the tape.

When they came out to the Bay Area I also played a few songs with them on trombone at one live show in Berkeley, as I recall. I still play horn, some guitar (who doesn't that's been around music for a long time?), write songs, and play in a country/folk/rock duo here in Stillwater, usually at the finer beer joints, coffee shops, and occasional festivals in the area."