Monday, September 17, 2012

Stock Image Fail

This is a lesson on why it's sometimes worth paying a license fee for a stock image to have exclusivity. Below are Scans of promotional cook book covers for 1450 WPAM-AM, 1240 WTAX-AM, 1380 WPHM-AM, 1060 WHFB-AM, 1280 WNPT-AM, 1400 WELK-AM, 810 WEDO-AM and I have others I didn't bother to crop and post. If there are this many you know there are more out there too.

These stations are spread out all over too: Eklins, WV; Pottsville, PA; Mckeesport, PA; Springfield, IL, Port Huron, MI; Tuscaloosa, AL; Roanoke, VA; Sacramento, CA and the sad, cursed town of Benton Harbor, MI.  What happened here is that a company bulk mailed a large number of radio stations their catalog of promo items. Some large subset of them chose this customizable cook book. There are probably a couple pages in the front unique to each station, but the art and the rest is the same, with convenient a big white space to print on the Black & White station logo.