Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Transcription Mystery Disc #131

This is a 8-inch, red Wilcox-Gay Recordio. It has an outer edge start and a fiber core.  Phonozoic calls this a "Wilcox-Gay Recordio Type 4A, red lacquer."  It is undated, but it does have a bit of text scribbled on it in pencil. The text reads "Camp Fire Bev - Radio."  At least that last word looks like radio. It's cursive. One can never tell for sure when it's in cursive.

Bev Radio

I added about 6Db of noise reduction but the first part of the recording is still pretty hard to understand. There are at least two voices: an adult female and a male child.  The kid is pretty clear later on his name sounds like Tim Burkett. A second kid is introduced about 1 minute in and he's older, in 6th grade and speaks more clearly, and a girl named Holly.  The woman keeps asking them about camp. On the B-side the same woman makes a hard to hear introduction, then the kids sing in that off-key way that sounds unmistakably like children who don't want to be singing. I'll spare you that audio.