Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This prank was somewhere between cruel and amazingly stupid.  On May 25th, 1998 102.5 WLTO held a call-in contest.  That night, disc jockey, Jason Hamman aka "DJ Slick" announced that he wanted to thank people who listened to his program through the American Idol finale. He was holding a contest to win 100 grand. He even wrote it up on his blog. His actual written words were "Be caller 10 @ 280-1025 and you'll be 100 GRAND RICHER!!!"

Norreasha Gill won that contest by listening to the radio show into the night and managed to be the 10th caller. She was understadably excited, and began immediately planning on what to do with the money. DJ Slick told her she could pick it up in the morning. But there was no money, the contest was a farce. When Norreasha arrived at the WLTO-FM studios the next morning, she was asked to return that night, when DJ Slick would be there. But when she got home, a message from the station manager was waiting. He explained that she had won a 100 Grand candy bar, not money. When things became disputatious, he offered her $5,000 to settle her claim.

Gill sued of course.  In July she filed a lawsuit against Cumulus Media Inc. in Fayette Circuit Court. It accused them of breach of contract. DJ Slick was not named in the lawsuit, but he did voluntarily resign.