Tuesday, July 10, 2012


When the story is about a man with a name like "Greg T The Frat Boy," one must assume the worst.  I assumed he was a dudebro, and the situation was much much worse.He was a DJ on 100.3 WHTZ-FM "Z100" in Newark, NJ. In Carteret, New Jersey Greg duct-taped himself to a utility pole. It was a sort of human billboard type of stunt but one for which he had no permits, nor had he made any of the appropriate arrangements. He even parked the stations van blocking the sidewalk. He did however bring his own duct tape. It took all of 20 minutes to get arrested. The NY Daily News noted this was his third arrest for similarly stupid stunts one of which included trespassing in Martha Stewarts driveway back in 1997. [source]

That faux frat boy's real name is Gregory Tyndorf. He was arrested on August 14th, 2002. The event was staged in a parking lot across the street from Exit 12 of the New Jersey Turnpike. Municipal Court Judge Allen Comba fined him $500 for disorderly conduct,  further noting that Tyndorf had selected one of the busiest intersections in Central Jersey, if not the state.  Tyndorf pled ignorance which  is believable for a DJ. More here.

The stunt had been part of a strange public display of support for Ira Joe Fisher, a WCBS-TV weatherman who had been recently cut loose. In the end, Ira Joe Fisher was retained by CBS until 2003 and left there for CBS News Saturday Early Show through 2007. Gregory Tyndorf still co-hosts on the morning zoo show on WHTZ. That ghastly image to the right is him... and you can even buy the poster on their website for some heinous reason.