Monday, July 09, 2012

Stupid DJ Tricks: Part 17

 My stockpile of stupid DJ stories is so deep I am afraid I must unload a weeks worth upon you all.  It is that time again. Today's tale is about Brett Reese, the owner of 104.7 KELS-LPFM It's not much of a station, operating at 61 watts in Greeley, CO with a 9-watt repeater in Fort Collins. For the last several years, for the week before Martin Luther King day this bigot reads aloud a speech written by Kevin Alfred Strom, a  white supremacist, which maligns Dr. King. The specific charges are that King was a sexual degenerate, an anti-American communist and an embezzler.

Never mind that King wasn't a communist, or even a remarkable perv of any stripe. He did cheat on his wife but that's all too commonplace. What offends Reese (probably) is that King was having affairs with Caucasian women, and that offends him because he's a bigot. Bigots are also commonplace and unremarkable. But broadcasting that message all week before MLK day for years.. that's just asking for trouble.  But that lack of candor strangely is not the offense that wins him a place on stupid DJ Tricks.It gets better Reese said he would begin carrying his gun at school board meetings because he's been threatened for his King commentary.
In response that January, other school board members asked district officials to draft a policy banning weapons from all school property.

In 2011 Brett Reese (alleged) left a threatening voice-mail message for Justin Sasso, the owner of another local station 1310 KFKA-AM.In the message he threatened a "shootout" because advertising reps from KFKA had called on businesses that happen to also underwrite KELS. Darn that free market capitalism. Subsequently Reese was served with a temporary restraining order by the Weld County Sheriff's Office and lost his permit to carry a concealed weapon. Understandably, a restraining order was also issued against Reese by Sasso.
Then in May a teacher accused Reese of sexual harassment, and several other people reported to the board that they believed Reese was drunk at a meeting. He was censured and the board got that weapons ban by June. In Greely Reese was still the big story even that summer. In July the Southern Poverty Law Center named  Reese third on a list of nine for “Hate in the Mainstream” for his broadcasts. In February of 2012, over  a year after the whole rigmarole started Reese finally resigned from the school board. He still owns KELS-LPFM.