Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Transcription Mystery Disc #128

This is a 6.5 inch Recordisc, undated. The title is given as "Whisper to me" with the recorder marked down as just "Ward" which I presume to be a surname.  It's in very nice shape and even still has a shiny surface, marked with just one chip on the outer edge. Phonozoic dates this type of Recordisc (Type 2C) to 1948. My copy is undated so I'll rely on his research.

Whisper To Me

The recording is so clear I just edited out three harsh pops and uploaded. It required no filtering. What's interesting is that the singer appears to be faking an exaggerated French accent. This intimates that it's intended to be comedy. My only other support for this the melody, which I think is lifted from another song. It may even be a parody.

The lyrics at least appear to be original though replete with trite phrases, but so is Justin Bieber's discography. That's just what pop is about. I have nothing here to work with to narrow down the date range or the origin, this one is a dead end.