Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Transcription Mystery Disc #126

You may have noticed that I am now numbering acetates sequentially. Well after doing a hundred of them in random order library management had become untenable. Moving forward everything will be in numerical order. Today's disc is an 8-inch Zephyr with a red label. It is dated clearly 9/14/48. interestingly, side B is dated to 4/19/51. It's unusual to see discs so clearly dated and with such disparate dates.

Red Label Zephyr
The rest of the label says "16 Trinity Caljah Baggev." that's my best guess, the handwriting is pretty bad. The disc is in good shape and required no filtering to be understandable, nonetheless I applied just a light pop filter to remove some surface noise, a noise gate and then a low pass filter because I was noodling. The recording is of a preacher reading from a Lutheran hymnal a section on the Confession of Sins. He followed that with a few psalms and a bit on the 16th Sunday after trinity all before the groove runs out.