Wednesday, May 02, 2012

BOOK WEEK: Historical Dictionary Of Old Time Radio

 The Historical Dictionary Of Old Time Radio was written and compiled by Robert C. Reineher and Jon D. Swartz in 2008. They also wrote the Handbook of Old-Time Radio: A Comprehensive Guide to Golden Age Radio Listening and Collecting which is an equally fine book, I just don't happen to own it yet. They also contributed to the book Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound, Volume 1, and The Routledge Guide To Music Technology. It must be nice to be a college professor and have those publishing connections...

This book was published more recently than many of my other go-to books but it stands on its own. It covers old time radio programs and staff from 1926 to 1960 very broadly. So among it's short comings it's pretty obvious that it doesn't go into a whole lot of detail on any of it's entries. But at the same time It casts such a wide net that it sometime sis the only book which provides me with any information at all. For that reason it sits beside other most-favored books on the reference shelf.

Robert C. Reinehr is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX.  He retired in 1999. It's no coincidence that Jon D. Swartz is a psychologist and a former dean for Libraries and Learning Resources at the same university. In 1990 Swartz became the Chief of Psychological Services, Central Counties Center for Mental Health-Mental Retardation in Temple, TX. He too retired in 1999. No doubt with more research to do and more books to write together. Keep at it gentlemen.