Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Transcription Mystery Disc #109

This Motorola brand acetate has a metal core, an outer edge start and spins at 78 rpm, (though it sounds pretty trippy at 33⅓.) It's 10" in diameter and is clearly dated to May 31st, 1941. Thank you for labeling it clearly mystery artist. The rest of the text is a big of a mush though. It has no clear delineation indicating if any of the names on the label are the recorded pianist, the covered artist or the name of a work. text is as follows in all caps  "Country Dances - Beethoven, Betty Lou Crockett, Phyllis Davis, Earl Cole, James Angell."  These names are unfamiliar, but they cannot be all playing the piano at once so I assume this work to be a medley of some kind.


The recordings is straight forward, solo piano, no introduction or vocal. It is relatively clear and the surface noise is mostly limited to the first 30 seconds. I just edited out a dozen pops or so. Enjoy.