Monday, March 19, 2012


*credit to Veg for forwarding

It's a short (very short) TED talk on copyright math, and the absurdity behind some of the fines. It's the kind of fuzzy math that actually relied on bribe money from Jack Abramoff to happen. [source here].  That's not a metaphor, or a conspiracy theory. Corruption is an actual force in the universe... kind of  like entropy.

This is not so say that there are not quantifiable monetary losses. I am merely agreeing that the math they are proffering originates in la-la land. This farce is the source of the animosity between hacktivists and the copyright holders. It is easily mistaken for greed, which is offensive enough, but I believe it to be more akin to malice. While the talk is comic and the article very fair, the reality is that the music industry has sued more than 30,000 US citizens under these new copyright laws. It's so grotesque I find it hard to be properly dispassionate, so I post this instead. He makes a better case.