Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Transcription Mystery Disc #112

This is a Wilcox-Gay Recordio dated clearly to September 18th 1941. The name on top, though in large lettering is still in the evil illegible script popular in the early half of the last century called "cursive." It might say Heinze, or Heinge, or Heirrge... the variations are endless. [Please end this dangerous scourge.] This disc spins at 78 rpm and starts at the outer edge. The most notable thing about it is that there is very little recorded matter on each side. It's quite clear that each side just have a very short recording. In fact after ripping I found the two together make up just 45 seconds, and each side seems to have the same program.

It appears to be a recording of a phone call, but it could be playacted in a radio play, or in a living room. there's too little audio to tell. The fidelity on the unlabeled side rendered it unusable, but with some heavy filtering this side was manageable. The entire script is as follows

FEMALE VOICE: "This is the supervisor may I help you?"
MALE VOICE: "Yes, I want to get a telephone directory."
FEMALE VOICE: "Sure, may I have your name and address?"
MALE VOICE: "Yes, This is T. H. Johnson 3427 Jones Street"
FEMALE VOICE: "Alright Mr. Johnson I'll send you one."
MALE VOICE: "Thank you very much."