Monday, December 26, 2011

Making a list and checking it twice

Everyone on this list has been very VERY naughty.  It's not a surprise that Microsoft, CBS, Comcast, NBC, Sony, Disney, Time Warner, Warner Bros, and Viacom are in favor of censorship. (Godaddy was a bit of a surprise) These are media companies. They would much rather that tax dollars pay to police copyright infringement. It saves them money not to have to use civil protections. But as a result they are in favor of giving the U.S. government the power of censorship.

This is of course an abomination. Lumps of coal all around. If you have a few spare minutes, call, write or email a few of these unpatriotic bastards, or just boycott their products and services. You can passively vote with your wallet. Reddit has been kind enough to do all the foot work for you. It doesn't matter if SOPA is delayed, deferred or dead. It's their third attempt at this sort of truly evil tactic. It will be back. The backers paid out over 13 million dollars in bribes/campaign donations just this time. [source.]

Full List HERE
Boycott site HERE