Monday, November 21, 2011

Voice-O-Graph Labelography (Part 9)

This is my eighth update to my Voice-O-Graph Labelography project. Today I have two variants and a little more information. These are, as so often is the case, undated. These two fit nicely into the 1960s set of discs in the labelography. the first is a Red-text variant of the Blue on White disc, what I'm labeling as the Red on White disc.  I also have a variant of the Black on White disc that dates affirmatively to 1957-1959. This disc is identical except that it's center has not been punched out for a RCA Victor 45 rpm adapter. What is more interesting is that thsi un-punched 45/78 rpm acetate makes clear that the design of the Red on White disc has some features from the Blue on White disc and some features from the Black on White disc. It's correlative, but uncertain that this disc falls between the two in the chronology.

The extra holes in that one and the other early 45/78 rpm disc have 3 holes surrounding the spindle hole, similar to the Dictaphone layout. It is possible these were specifically intended for that device. Remaining work needs done in the area of date confirmation and integration of the anachronistic metal-core green label discs. I also do not discount the possibility of more color variants. [Contributions are always welcome if you know more.]

Red Top on Yellow: Unknown, assumed to be first disc1943?

GEM Mutoscope Disc: 1945?

Red on Yellow: 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947

Red on Beige: 1946, 1948

Red on Unbleached: Unknown 1940s?

Red On Blue: Years 1947

Teal-on-Unbleached : Year: 1948 (assumed)

Blue on Blue: Year: 1948

Black On Red: 1948

Black on Green: Years:1951,1953 - 1955 (also had metal core variant)

ESO Mutoscope Disc: 1950s?

Mutoscope Black Label: (45 rpm) Years????

Black on White (punched) (78/45 rpm) 1957, 1959

Black on White (unpunched) (78/45 rpm) 1957, 1959

Red on White (4 holes): Unknown assumed 1960s?

Red on White: Unknown assumed 1960s?

Blue on White: Unknown assumed 1960s?

Black on Yellow: Years 1964?

Black on Red: Unknown assumed 1964?

Yellow Label Unknown assumed 1964?