Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Protect IP Act

Here I am politicking again. Let me just say this: The Protect IP Act undermines our right to free speech. I'm big on free speech. It's my favorite constitutional amendment. It gives a legal means for an authority to censor the internet at-will, and without oversight. In our highly wired world, that's no different than shutting down radio stations, printing presses or burning books. So tell your senators and Representative what you think.

That's the first problem. My second objection is that the Federal government should keep its nose out of civil offenses. Copyright violation is a crime, a civil crime. You do not go to jail for copyright infringement. You get sued, and pay damages. that's how the law works. When the government works to enforce copyright, they are working as the employees of big business, but taxpayers pay for it. That's not OK. It's big government in a big, bad way. In short, this is bad law, rationalized by poor legal thinking. I think the video explains the particulars very well.