Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Transcription Mystery Disc #119

This is a 7-Inch, 78 rpm Duodisc. Like many others it has no markings of any kind, nor does its crumbling sleeve. It sounds similar to another in my collection. It too was unlabeled but it's sleeve had a single marking.  I cannot firmly date the recording based on the brand of blank. I have found ones attested to anywhere from 1945 to 1952 depending on the label. I still suspect this whole batch originates with some member of the 560 WFIL-AM Barn Dance also called the "Hayloft Hoedown."  I further suspect that some of these and perhaps this one is Texas Jim Robertson.

Unknown country instrumental
Unlike other recordings from this set, this one is an instrumental, and clearly not from a broadcast. You can hear the engineer pot up and down during the recording and breaks within the tracks as if they are rehearsing. I have inserted 3 beeps to separate the two tracks.  The fidelity is quite good, superior to most of the others.