Friday, October 07, 2011

Enna Jettick Shoes and Songbook

Enna Jettick made shoes. Sir Harry Lauder and 3 other unidentified singers performed on the program "Enna Jettick Melodies" which aired on WJZ, and WEAF back in 1930. It was carried by the NBC Blue Network to 44 stations across America from her studio at 711 5th Avenue on Manhattan. It was carried from there by wire to KFJ in Los Angeles to the rest of the Red network. the program started as early as 1929. In the Whites radio log for that year they advertise a dance program on WLW Cincinnati, the WJZ program but not the WEAF Program.

Though ostensibly carried on 44 stations, this songbook lists only those stations carrying their Tuesday evening program: WEAF, WEEI, WJAR, WTAG, WCSH, WFI, WRC, WGY, WGR, WCAE, WDAF, WTAM, WFJC, WWJ, WSAI, WIBO, KSD, WHO, WOW, and WOC.  That's essentially the whole NBC Blue Network. Meaning that the Sunday show was on the Red network. they alternated days and networks... how novel. They also appear to have advertised on a Durium record in 1932.

Enna Jettick survived the Great depression, but got out of radio. They donated some of property to Cuayuga county and which became Emerson park in 1944. It was named for Jettick owner Fred Emerson. Part of the property was already a park and interestingly the existing carousel was purchased by Hershey and is presently at Hershey Park down in Hershey, PA.  The company was still advertising their shoes in 1951. I have scanned all 50 pages of the songbook, ads sheet music and all.