Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cranks on WYIS-AM

In 1988 the 690 WPHE-AM was sold by its owner, B. Sam Hart, to a Reverend Sarait Salva from Puerto Rico. Mr. Salva was worked in at Radio Redentor which UI think was carried on 1530 WUPR-AM in the 1980s. Today, WYIS-AM in Phoenixville, PA airs only Spanish religious programming. But prior to it's sale in 1988 it was a local station airing local programming, with both secular and varied religious content.  they even had a whole day of Portuguese programming. (There isn't much of that outside of WJFD in Providence, RI.)

So I recently found these airchecks on Youtube for WYIS-AM circa. One is from July 23, 1980 the other from March 23, 1981. It's a real odd-ball.

But Hart's sale of the station is actually a bit sad. In 1984 his son Bradley and wife were brutally murdered by a man they hired to do home improvement work. Hart sold the station four years later but remains active in his ministry.