Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I take you places. I travel all over the country as a part of my day job. For years, every time I've landed in a new city, I've scanned the radio dial and told you all what was there. But thought all these posts were tagged by call sign, they're were not tied together. I fixed that today.

I was inspired by the positive response to my last travel post (TPA to RSW) to re-tag all my old travel posts. This is actually really hard to do. I've written almost 1600 posts since I started in April of 2005. So I had to search that payload by keyword. Common search words are: hotel, travel, traveling, trip, road, drive, driving, listen, ruben, tuned, tune, pirate, taco, missive, college, flying, flight, miles, points and rental. Despite all that, I am sure I missed some.

So the new totally searchable tag is: "radio-tourist."  You can click it here or in the tag below this post or in any of my old travel posts.. they all go to the same place: an index of all my travel writing. There are over 100!

Click here to see them now!