Monday, May 09, 2011

WOR-AM: Best-Seller

It's a bookmark, a promotional bookmark. People have been putting advertisements on bookmarks for a century now, so there's nothign new about it in that respect. But this is the first example I've seen in a wide universe of ridiculous radio tchotchkes of a radio station branded bookmark.

The image "Arie" is the zodiac sign for the ram. the credit and text is in Italian "desegni di A. Moroni" means designed by A. Moroni.  I sort of wonder if that's an inside joke. But A Moroni might be Attilio Moroni, and he died in 1986. The artist seems immaterial , the question is the tie-in.

Was there a book review program or segment on WOR-AM?  they have a podcast called the "Book report" but I am under the impression currently that it does not air. Maybe it was a simple pun on "best-seller."  they may have just had a sales guy with a book schtik.

The WOR-TV tower was built in 1949, the calls changed with ownership in 1987 to WWOR-TV.The intersection of those two dates leads me to beleive that this was made in the early 1980s. The paper in good shape with no crumbling or oxidization so I'd guess it's of relatively recent vintage.