Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Transcription Mystery Disc #38

This 6-Inch disc simply is labeled "Boyd" on one side, and not at all on the other. No date, no other names. It starts at the outer edge, and spins at 78 rpm.  The recording is of a speech, that from it's cadence is clearly read from the page. It's unusual ,but I was able to find the document from which it is read. If you need to read the whoel fo the original you can find it here.  My recording is just a portion of the full text as quoted below... It's intended to be crude, but is tame by modern standards.
"If we cannot get it through our organization, then we will get it through a combination, or both if necessary. We refuse to be poked in the gallery any longer, and insist on the floor of the house. We are willing to look up to the men, but we don't want to be forced or held down without making a few motions of our own. We want to hold up our end and show men our possibilities. Whenever anything arises that will fill our expectations, nothing that comes up can be too hard for us.  Never when anything arose that required our presence and attention have we failed to come, again and again, if the occasion required..."
It turns out to be  a old, bawdy monologue. It is a form of "party" i.e. bachelor party entertainment that probably predates recordings entirely. The Horntip website has multiple versions, all probably stolen from some much older original document. Of his 4 versions 2 are undated The others are from 1976, 1949 and 1945.

My best guess is that despite the timelessness of the document the recording dates to a time of greater circulation of the piece. So I'd estimate Between 1945 and 1949, the two earlier printed copyrights. Phonozoic calls this Wilcox-Gay Type 1A. It's noted by the presence of the "Slow Burning" designation. The Phonozoic reference disc dates to 1944 which is completely congruous with my estimate base on the Jack Horn Collection.