Friday, April 01, 2011

PSA: Crystal Controlled Weather Radio

I bought this at a Goodwill for $3.97 plus tax. It takes a 9v battery (or 9V DC adapter) and allows me to tune to one of three frequencies for NOAA weather report: 162.55, 162.475, and 162.40. Of those three only two actually yield a signal out here. The telescoping antenna is about 22 inches tall and looks snazzy with the simulated walnut finish.  It only works near a window but  it works well.You can canvass your local thrift stores or just buy one used on eBay for $7 or so.

(Above image stolen from Etsy.) This is model 12-152A, there was a later revision 12-162 with an identical chassis. The 12-140, and the 12-141 had digital displays, and the 12-1371 was an in-car model. The 12-1818 had a cube chassis and was tunable.  It reeked more of the 1970s than the other models if you're looking for a true classic. These puppies were made by Tandy for Radioshack in the 1970s and 1980s. I think the Timekube was also in this series. More here.

Regardless, comedy aside you should have something like this in your home for emergencies. You should have it and know how to use it. You can look up your local NOAA frequencies here. Knowing where the tornado, hail storm, hurricane, blizzard, tsunami, forest fire or flood crest etc.can be important suddenly. This is a cheap simple way that anyone can be prepared.