Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Transcription Mystery Disc #28

This disc is in rough shape. Both sides had partial de-lamination. This is the better of the two sides. It took a low pass filter very well and despite appearances, is surprisingly listenable... at least in terms of old acetates. The other side is missing the label entirely. This one is labeled "I Won't Cry."  My initial assumption was that this was a version of the Bobby Vinton song of the same title, but it is not.

The lyrics appear to be original, and the rendition is accapella. Phonozoic dates this type of Audiodisc acetate to the 1940s. I have no reason to think this 7-Inch disc is otherwise. It spins at 78 rpm, and starts at the outer edge. That and the wear pattern is at least consistent with the vintage.