Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Transcription Mystery Disc #26

This disc is clearly a later era disc as it spins at 33rpm with an outer edge start. I will also note that it uses a generic Audio Devices label over top of a generic Audiodisc label. the label was typed out and stuck over the stock label. I've included scans of both sides of the disc as they have different information.  One side lists "Cohoes" a town just outside Albany, NY. with a July 30th date. The other side is labeled for Maryland, MD. It is that side which I was able to identify easily. The label recommends shadow-graphed steel needles. The earliest advert I can find for those date to 1945. Audio Devices, Inc. manufactured of Audiodiscs until Capitol took over in the late 1960s.
Both sides of the disc appear to be live field recordings of the Reilly Raiders, a drum and bugle corps that still exists today. The group was founded in 1946 by returning veterans of WWII. This makes the 1955 date totally plausible.While the group is based in Philadelphia, they definitely travel around to perform in other cities so Baltimore and Cohoes are not a stretch geographically.
The audio is pretty good, it cleaned up easily with a low pass filter. I chopped out a four-and-a-half minute sample from the better of the two sides. But these sides are hand-numbered as 15 and 16. It intimates there are another 14 discs of drum corps out there somewhere. Hopefully some of them made it into the hands of the Reilly Raiders.