Friday, February 25, 2011

Practical Radio

This is the "Practical Radio" booklet from the 103 series by the M.W. Lads Publishing Company in Philadelphia, PA. This edition was printed in 1966. M.W. Lads was an oddball small publishing company focused mostly on militaria.their most mainstream work was probably A History of Music in the U.S. Armed Forces During World War II  which was also published in 1966.

This booklet is part of their 103 series which you might think had 13 books but really looks like it had about 12. Other books cover diodes, oscilloscopes, volt-meters, tape recorders, circuit diagrams, basic AC, and electronics math. I came to that number because the editions have index numbers starting at MWL-1 going through MWL-12, I'd really like to see the ones on Diodes and tape recording but I lucky to find the few I did.Inexplicably I also find a reference for a small record label under the name "MW Lads" in Philadelphia in the same time period. regardless the company's bibliography appears to start in 1963 and end abruptly in 1968.

According t one advertisement they were located at 11401 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, PA. The area currently houses the United Refrigeration. But back in the 1960s the address belonged to Goodway makers of cheap junk electronic tape decks and such. I also found an ad by Goodway that also plugged MW Lads Records connecting the two at least in my own mind. These early-era radio articles are about completely outdated, archaic technology but remain interesting from a historical perspective. It's 66 pages chock full of radio arcana.

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