Friday, January 28, 2011

Tunes For Moderns

WRIU is the gift that keeps giving. This post comes to Arcane Radio Triva by way, indirectly of Neville.

The Philtres, and former member of the Etruscan Loveletters and former WRIU DJ. The Philtres were semi-finalists in the 1987 WBRU Rock Hunt; back in the days that WRIU actually stalked rock n' roll. He is (of course) a  Etruscan Loveletters in the pic below. I think that's Kevin 2nd from the left.

I had a show on WRIU called Tunes For Moderns when he was at there, he recorded a promo with my room-mate/"co-star" that I'm attaching.  My room-mate was Igor and Neville was, naturally, The Master."
The Igor Promo
"...the Heartbeat and AD1082 are both me, and the one labeled Duane Severa was Duane Severa (obviously); he was a friend of mine from a year ahead in high school who had the Tunes For Moderns show initially and turned it over to me."
Heartbeat PSA
"For better or worse our policy was to play whatever was unopened in the mail when we came to the studio each week.  I particularly remember Modern English, Let's Active, The Thought, The Incredible Casuals, The Weather Girls (yes, I put "It's Raining Men" on the air without a preview!), and Duran Duran. My band was from Newport - same town as Throwing Muses - so it was cool to play stuff from them when it showed up too."
 Duane Severa