Friday, January 21, 2011

Stupid DJ Tricks: Part 15

Dominic Dieter is one of those DJs that is going to end up in the Darwin awards. He's a 29-year-old Ohio native. He went to Mount Union College in Alliance, OH.He started as a phone screener on "Rover's Morning Glory" on 92.3 WKRI in Cleveland.  But then he made the mistake of saying he'd do anything to get on air. Thus began the Friday morning "Dare Dieter" segment of the program. each week Host Shane "Rover" French makes a new effort to do new and sadistic harm to Dieter.  It wasn't long before he was licking a bug zapper, eating a human placenta and snorting cremated remains.

In July of 2007 came a dare that sent Dieter to the hospital. The dare involved rolling him in an 85-gallon drum down a steep hill  near the Marginal road off I-77 near East 49th Street. partway down the hill the lid came off and Dieter was partially ejected repeatedly slamming his body against the ground until he came to a stop. But really, after you've put your hand in a bear trap and set yourself on fire what else can you do for attention?

Initially Dieter complained of not being able to feel his feet.  A spokesman at Cleveland MetroHealth Hospital said that Dieter was treated and released.Initially Host Shane French said he no longer would be airing the "Dare Dieter" segment. True to his word, no further dare's have been issued, but as recently as April of 2008, Dieter was asking for further abuse.